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Demo Day of the Metaverse Technology Accelerator

June 30, 3:00 pm Luxembourg time, online
10 pitches of the top-notch technologies for metaverses tested in the corporate environment & networking session for VCs, corporations and startups

Why attend?

You will hear 10 pitches of Metaverse Technology Accelerator’s graduates that have been selected from 300 applicants from 37 countries. Besides, corporations and VCs will hold 10-minute networking sessions with startups specially selected out of the list of participants. We will help you to find the best match at the Demo Day.

  • Get access to a funnel of startups ready to scale business and pilot with corporations
  • Boost your innovation pipeline by joining networking session with startups fit to your business needs that bring value to your company
  • Get access to INTEMA expertise in working with innovations and let our world-class experts identify the key challenges of your business and find the right technology for that
  • Learn more about turnkey acceleration programs from INTEMA
  • Get access to the startup funnel with commercially applicable and scalable technology
  • Add to your portfolio DeepTech companies that selected and trained by the strongest technology and business experts from all over the world, and fit to your fund’s parameters
  • Invest and co-invest in promising startups from pre-seed to round B stages with technology proven by INTEMA experts
  • Learn more about INTEMA due diligence services for venture funds
  • Find your next big client by taking part in networking session with largest companies from different industries
  • Get the opportunity to raise from $100,000 to $10 mln investments from the INTEMA corporate fund and our partners’ VCs
  • Meet mentors and participants of the Metaverse Technology Accelerator
Use Cases

What products will present 10 international IT companies?

Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS) platforms
Plug&play services to create virtual worlds
Creation, customization and personalization of human-like avatars and NPCs
High quality conversion from 2D to 3D with AI
Analytics and monetization of metaverse audience
Devices and technologies that enhance retention and LTV in virtual worlds
Doing sports by playing virtual games and quests
Generative AI for phygital world
3 — 3:35 pm
Introduction and welcome by top management
3:35 — 4:50 pm
Startup pitches. Voting for the best project
4:50 — 5:05 pm
Short break to summarize the scoring
5:05 — 5:15 pm
Announcement of the Metaverse Technology Accelerator winners
5:15 — 6:15 pm
Bonus format for VCs & corporations — networking session with pre-selected startups
How to join the networking session with startups?

Networking Session


INTEMA, an international business group focused on AI and DeepTech technology development.

20+ years — this is an overall INTEMA team’s experience in innovation consulting & DeepTech products launch and scale globally in such companies as Accenture, Ernst&Young, KPMG, Deloitte, Barclay’s, MTS, etc, successful entrepreneurial background (built from scratch Deep Tech products with $500M revenue & exits). INTEMA embraces consulting in DeepTech and AI Innovation for corporations, as well as an accelerator and venture capital fund capable of investing up to $10 million.

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