Driving AI Technologies

To shape the best future
At Intema we strive to develop AI-technologies through our portfolio companies and affiliates, accelerate AI startups, provide consulting services, manage a network of hubs and invest in AI companies.

We bring together the best minds to put AI at the service of humanity

R&D Center
Builds AI solutions, leads research, aligns cutting-edge technologies with reality and collaborates with scientists
Provides AI due diligence,
evaluates technologies integration and tends to investments
AI experts community
Works with the most successful AI partners worldwide and sets up a solid ground for getting full support from investors, mentors, developers and academics
Hub network
Covers the Globe through AI hubs in Israel, US and Asia – areas where technologies have the most rapid evolution and implementation

AI experts



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Thomas Schreiber
Hatch Enterprise, Techstars, former: Google, Shazam
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Inigo Cavestany de Villegas
IBM, IE Business School, Call for Code, Founder Institute, South Summit, Demium, Ufounders
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Ashok Asokan
UnfoldLabs, SoftClouds, former: Motorola, neXva, Samsung, Nokia, Ericsson
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Marvin Liao
Diaspora.vc, Adacado inc, Sukna Global, Game Groove Capital, former: 500 Startups, Yahoo, XtGem
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Philipp von Pein
Attonics Systems, German Accelerator, New Zealand Trade Organisation
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Oliver Smith
UK Department of Health and Prime Minister's Strategy Unit, RSA, Koa Health, former: Telefonica Alpha
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Rafael Salazar Novo
G8 Ventures, IE Business School, Founder Institute
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Eldar Sadikov
PayPal, Stanford
Vikas Chauhan
Anritsu, former: TCS
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Matteo Lentini
Plug and Play Tech Center, former: Delivery Club
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Love Yadav
Lion Ventures, former: Reliance Capital
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Efi Ben Artzi
Google for startups, Immersion VR, former Huge Thing
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Heiko Huber
Former: McKinsey & Company, TechFounders, Next47, Daimler AG
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Alberto Levy
IE Business School, Founder Institute
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Daniel Cronin
AustrianStartups, Vienna Mentoring Group, FoundersLane
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Timur Daudpota
500 Startups, UCL Innovation & Enterprise
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Andrés Ochoa
Facebook (WhatsApp), Plug and Play Ventures, TERRA Food&Ag Tech Accelerator
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Gastón Tourn
Appear Here, former: Google, Emma, Badoo (now Bumble)
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Danielle Tichner
500 Startups, R3i Ventures, W-SOURCE
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Irina Leca
Google, former: Fitbit
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Maria Pienaar
Blue Label Ventures, former: Cell C, Lucent, Nokia, Vodafone, Globalstar
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Christian Miccio
Former: Shazam, Google
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Shashank Shukla
Y-Combinator, Founder Institute
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Wilhelm Lappe
Startup Weekend
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Rodrigo de Alvarenga
HAG Partners & HAG Ventures
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Ann Pashutina
INTEMA, former Software AG
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Mario Lemos
Former: Novartis, Accenture, Telefónica, and Ericsson
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Bunmi Durowoju
B’s Place Boutique Cowork Creche, former: Microsoft
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Ivan Jakovljevic
Jakov Advisory, Hub71, former: Google
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Ahmed Zaidi
University of Cambridge, Deeptech Labs, PlatformE, former: Catalyst AI, Accenture
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Stefan Behrendt
DSP-Partners, Startupbootcamp, former: Deutsche Telekom, Scout24, abaXX Technology, Roland Berger
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Jorge Gomez
Former: Amazon Web Services
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Inigo Cavestany de Villegas
IBM, IE Business School, Call for Code, Founder Institute, South Summit, Demium, Ufounders
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Philipp Omenitsch
Pocketcoach, former: Visionlabs, Coinnecting
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Sven Clemann
Beiersdorf AG, former: Vattenfall, Royal Dutch Shell, Philips NV
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Eldar Sadikov
PayPal, Stanford
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Shaun Koo
500 Startups, H3Zoom.ai
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Sergey Kolyubin
Intema, former: General Motors
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Daniel Kireev
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Puspanjali Sarma
ServiceNow, former Rackspace Technology, Capgemini
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Shashank Srivastava
AWS, former VMware, Adecco Group
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Femi Idowu
Microsoft, former WIPO
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Joel Valim
Banco do Brasil
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Semih Kumluk
PwC, former Turkcell
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Vicenzo Pegado
Nubank, former iFood, Atlântico, Apple Developer Academy
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Vaibhav Goyal
NASSCOM, Predixion AI, ex Charmboard, Shemaroo Entertainment, Jio
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Sachin Panicker
The Fulcrum Group, former: Silicus Technologies, Pegasystems, Deutsche Telekom
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Lucas Perraudin
Mula Digital, former: Meta, HP
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Sofía Muñoz
AWS, former: Facebook, Brainly, Oracle

for AI startups

Deep tech expertise
Improve your core tech with world-class AI experts. The most powerful superpod in telecom, computing power & developers enable fast product development.
Business boost
Hands-on support to help you grow business metrics and show traction on a weekly basis with strategic advisors and top-notch mentors.
through the Globe
Tech support, credits, theory: from partners in various industries. Pilots with leading companies, global distribution channels.
Up to $100K at seed stage, up to $10M at seed or series A+ stage. Wide network of smart VCs in AI for syndicated finance. Group & individual sessions to fine-tune the pitch deck and investor readiness.
AI products growth support
Individual online
program tailored for
each AI startup.
Kick-off week
Participants meet the Accelerator and Fund teams, mentors of the Program, get acquainted with each other. During the first week, a detailed acceleration program is presented to the startups, all teams in the Accelerator get an individual work schedule.
Week 1
Acquaintance with mentors & start of individual work
Startups get to know the accelerator team, meet their strategic and business excellence mentors which will help them in business growth and fast development throughout the whole acceleration program.
Week 2
Goals setting
Founders, together with mentors, define ambitious, but realistic goals for acceleration, prepare a strategy and make an action plan to realize it. Then, teams prepare for product and technology diagnostics.
Week 3
Working on tech & product sophistication
Startups steadily work on their individual goals that were set and approved by the founders and the mentors. Mentors, technical and product experts give them feedback and recommendations about tech & product sophistication.
Week 4-10
Goals are set. Time for hard work
Teams perform plans and goals and start preparing for launching of pilots and integrating their product and solutions into INTEMA and its partners’ ecosystems. Startups are able to adjust the plan and strategy, if needed.
Week 11-12
Almost done: finalizing the results
Startups summarize the results that were obtained by them during the acceleration program, wrap up the product and plan further work. Teams are assisted in creating long-term growth strategies and individually consulted about communication with potential investors.
End of week 12
Demo Day
Startups pitch the results achieved by them during the program to raise funding from INTEMA VC and its Partner CVC (such as Nvidia, Bosch, Intel, etc.) and VC funds. Demo day gives them opportunities to enlarge their networks, meet potential partners and get access to additional technical and financial resources.
What’s more?
Startups’ teams are able to take part in individual and group workshops about sales, technical and business issues with representatives of Intel, Nvidia and SAP and other INTEMA Partners.
The Accelerator provides loads of perks, such as providing equipment with discounts or for free (depending on partner conditions) from IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Nvidia GPU, Salesforce, Miro and other partners with a total value more than $200K.
Participants are supported by Accelerator with the pilot's launch within the INTEMA ecosystem and ecosystems of its partners and get all necessary assistance in negotiations with partners and reaching all the agreements.
Startups attend lectures of business mentors from the IE business school and discuss important issues for them at informal meetings with other teams and entrepreneurs.


Fero Technologies
Based in UAE
Cloud based AI-products company created TiA, the world’s first intelligent virtual assistant for Supply Chain
Based in UK
Oxford deep tech spinout building highly accurate visual 3D body models produced with mobile devices
Alpha AR
Based in Estonia
AI-powered automatic 3D content creation platform for AR/VR, NFTs and games. As a backbone of metaverse the cutting edge technology helps to merge 2D with virtual worlds
Based in Latvia
AI tool generating content and providing analytics for any eСommerce platform
Based in Turkey
An early diagnostic system for preventing blindness via AI-based eye screening: an AWS AI Challenge finalist selected as a Global DeepTech pioneer
Latitudo 40
Based in Italy
All-in-one Urban Data Analytics Platform for climate action planning: creates new tools to allow people to monitor the Earth
Based in Canada
Cloud video surveillance company that connects any camera to cloud services for recording, streaming and video analytics
Warden Machinery
Based in Latvia
Digital transformation solutions for steelmaking and mining that increase EBITDA and ESG impact via process optimization and manufacturing fine-tuning
Based in Germany
Fyrfeed makes the creation of content 80% cheaper than agencies by harnessing an efficient Human-in-the-loop approach to AI
Based in Switzerland
Typewise is a Swiss deep tech company, boosting productivity for customer service and sales by 2-3x