Win MENA: Free Online Conference by INTEMA

On January 26, INTEMA held an online conference on the potential of the Middle East and North Africa for DeepTech businesses.

We gathered more than 200 attendees from 29 countries, including startup founders, fund representatives, investors, and anyone interested in entering the MENA market. According to the latest feedback, it was an insightful conference that provided participants with comprehensive information on doing business in the Middle East and North Africa.

Why is it so difficult to Win MENA?

You probably know all the benefits of working on MENA markets, such as government support of DeepTech technologies, a large selection of growth and scaling programs, powerful infrastructure, zero income tax, and a high level of intellectual property protection. All these factors have turned MENA into one of the most attractive regions for startups. Despite this generous assistance, many startups will be given the cold shoulder and subsequently fail when trying to enter MENA markets.

We invited representatives from businesses, local funds and corporations, technology hubs, and startups to explain how to avoid crucial mistakes, make useful connections, find investors, and integrate into the DeepTech business landscape of the MENA region.


Key takeaways from the event

Shameer Thaha, Chief Strategy Officer at Accubits Technologies, UAE, revealed major trends and industry insights and highlighted the cultural and business norms that startups should be aware of when entering the MENA region;
Hassan Awada, Senior Vice President at Kroll, UAE, shared a few examples of successful strategies used by companies to enter the MENA market and get fundraising;
Anton Nazarkin, Global Business Development Director at VisionLabs, shared some of the key business lessons learned from his experience of entering the MENA market;
Dr. Sandjar Muminov, President of Business Consortium SANDJAR GROUP (UAE, UK, EU, KR, etc.) provided information on the biggest legal risks faced by companies when entering the MENA region and how they can be avoided;
Alex Posternak, Chief Investment Officer at INTEMA, explained the main investment trends of the MENA market and outlined some specific assessment points that should be considered when evaluating a company’s level of innovation in the technology industry.

We have prepared a summary of the conference with all the necessary information on entering the MENA market.
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