Win MENA: Free Online Conference by INTEMA

January 26, 2023 17:30  —  19:30 Dubai time, join INTEMA’s online conference and reveal the potential of the Middle East and the North Africa regions for doing DeepTech business. We invited representatives of local funds and corporations, technology hubs, and startups to discuss business, legal and technological aspects of working in the MENA region. Register and start writing your own success story. 

Get your chance to Win MENA!

You probably know about all the benefits of working on MENA markets such as support of DeepTech technologies by the government, a large selection of growth and scaling programs, powerful infrastructure, low income tax and a high level of intellectual property protection. All factors have turned MENA into one of the most attractive regions for startups.

Despite this generous assistance, many startups would get a cold shoulder and fail as they try to enter the MENA markets. On January 26, experts and entrepreneurs will explain how to avoid crucial mistakes, make useful acquaintances, find investors and integrate into the DeepTech business landscape in the MENA region.

We are waiting for both large and small companies at our conference! Register for our free event even if you are just planning to take your first steps in the MENA market.

To Whom

We carefully prepared this event for:

• AI, ML, CV, Web3, DeFi, XR, Metaverse-solutions developers to help them broaden the new horizon of their projects and start working globally;

• DeepTech-startup founders to help them understand the chances of their products being sold on the MENA market;

• Companies with a strong need to kick-start their business, product, or technology are absolutely welcome;

• DeepTech-companies that are making their first steps in this region, want to shorten their journey to success and make unshakable ties with local businesses and governments. 


Why attend?

• Discover the trends and insights of the DeepTech industry in the MENA market.

• Learn from the experience of our experts and entrepreneurs already working in the MENA market.

• Ask your questions to the speakers of the event and experts.

• Find out more about rules, legal and cultural aspects of doing business in the Arab world and save your money and time by avoiding typical mistakes of novice players.

• Get a fresh look on your company, product and technology, find growing points as INTEMA experts will share practical assessment points and expertise in this matter.

• Enlarge your network opportunities: meet representatives of local funds, technology hubs and corporations, experts and entrepreneurs.


5:30 pm Dubai timeOpening

Greeting participants by the host of the event Stewart Rogers, CEO at the Digital Mental Health Alliance, journalist, editor, and setting the goals for the event. 
5:35 pm Dubai timeKeynote «Trends and insights in the MENA region»

Unlock the secrets of the DeepTech industry and discover the hidden gems of the MENA market in this insightful keynote presentation.

This keynote presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of the DeepTech industry in the MENA region. The presentation will cover the main trends and insights in the industry. It will also delve into the cultural and business norms that startups should be aware of when entering the MENA market. Additionally, the presentation will examine the key considerations for entering the MENA market and provide best practices The presentation will also shed light on the ecosystem. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges of the DeepTech industry in the MENA region, and with practical guidance on how to navigate the market successfully.

Shameer Thaha, Chief Strategy Officer at Accubits Technologies, UAE
6:00 pm Dubai timePanel Discussion «Entering MENA market: lessons and tips from experience»

The best understanding of the market comes from experience. And here is the opportunity to learn from the experience of our experts and those who are already working in the MENA market. This talk will guide us through the phenomenon of the market and its rules, legal and cultural aspects.

Anton Nazarkin, Global Business Development Director
at VisionLabs, a world leading Computer Vision and Machine Learning company
Hassan Awada, Senior Vice President at Kroll, UAE
• Dr.Sandjar Muminov, President of Business Consortium SANDJAR GROUP (UAE, UK, EU, KR, etc)
6:35 pm Dubai timeFireside chat with Alex Posternak, Chief Investment Officer, INTEMA

What makes a company innovative on the edge of technology? The answer to this question allows companies to have greater positioning in the MENA region, considering local trends and cultural context.This is where INTEMA has a great expertise to help you understand, audit and upgrade your DeepTech products. INTEMA will share practical assessment points and expertise.
7:00 pm Dubai timeKeynote «Foresight in the nearest future of AI/ML»

With the release of ChatGPT and generative models like Stable Diffusion, AI has gripped the public imagination and made us all aware of what those invested in AI and machine learning over the previous decades already knew — AI will change everything. In this session, we’ll explore several developing AI trends that will impact every industry in the near future, from rapid commoditization of large language models to new methods for fine-tuning models on proprietary datasets and expectations of transparency, explainability, and accountability that will impact implementation, adoption, and regulation around the world. We’ll tour these important trends and more.


• Ian Beacraft, CEO and Chief Futurist at Signal and Cipher
7:25 pm Dubai timeClosing remarks
7:30 pm Dubai timeNetworking session with speakers and participants

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