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Pilot your Gen AI technology in a corporate environment

Application Deadline: August 9, 2023
The program starts in September
Upgrade your product, present it to potential customers from corporations and apply for investments up to $10 million.

Accelerator for Gen AI

INTEMA in partnership with a group of corporations working in banking, entertainment, media, telecom spheres is launching an Accelerator for developers of generative artificial intelligence technologies, including analogues of ChatGPT, Midjourney, DALL-E, CoPilot. The program’s task is to find promising and commercially viable solutions in this area. During 12 weeks, startups will test their products and business hypotheses in a safe corporate environment, communicate with potential customers and investors.

Pilots and investment
  • Paid pilots with one or multiple corporations
  • We help raise up to $10 million of investments by specialized corporate and venture funds
  • A chance to sell your technology or startup to corporations
Pilots and investment
Technological resources and expertise
  • Computing power for deploying and training ML models
  • Access to Big Data of corporations
  • Mentorship of leading experts in Gen AI, ML, MLOps, Data Science from the largest DeepTech corporations
  • Technical audit of products and recommendations on optimization of algorithms
Technological resources and expertise
Free participation from anywhere in the world
  • Guidance of world-class mentors on your product, strategy, marketing, sales, and development in various markets
  • The acceleration program is provided online
  • We do not ask for a share in your startup in exchange for the acceleration
Free participation from anywhere in the world

What projects are we looking for

  • Generating texts for social networks, websites, and media
  • Creating videos and images based on text descriptions
  • Code generation for web landing pages. Front-end development automation
  • Promo campaigns generation including images, 3D and video formats
  • Voice bots, chatbots
Data Analytics and Big Data
  • Analyzing information and forecasting based on AI
  • Finding answers to user questions
  • Generative AI solutions for HR
  • Generative AI solutions for complicance and law documents
Big Data
  • Creating infographics and tables
  • Automated data labeling
  • Generative AI based BI
Code generation using AI
  • Solutions for accelerating code creation
  • Automatic bug searching
  • Technologies for improving code quality
Target Audience

What kind of teams we invite to the Accelerator

Your main goal is commercializing a technology or an innovative business model on the market
Your product is at least in the stage of testing a working technology or higher, or you’ve already got MVP
The team has at least two strong founders
Working language of the Accelerator is English
Rich Generative AI technologies expertise
June — August 2023
Application collection
Top 50 companies will have the opportunity to meet with experts and mentors, receive recommendations and feedback.
September 2023
Pitch for corporations and venture funds
Top 20 companies will present their developments to our partners. We will inform them of the specific solutions each business client is seeking and help prepare the pitch.
September —
November 2023
Individual growth program for the top 10 teams, preparing for pilots with corporations and investments.
November 2023
Demo Day
Winners will receive offers for paid pilots, investment offers, or both.
Adviser Boards

Mentors and experts

Learn more
Vaibhav Goyal
NASSCOM, Predixion AI, ex Charmboard, Shemaroo Entertainment, Jio
Learn more
Vicenzo Pegado
Nubank, former iFood, Atlântico, Apple Developer Academy
Learn more
Semih Kumluk
PwC, former Turkcell
Learn more
Femi Idowu
Microsoft, former WIPO
Learn more
Joel Valim
Banco do Brasil
Learn more
Lucas Perraudin
Mula Digital, former: Meta, HP
Learn more
Shashank Srivastava
AWS, former VMware, Adecco Group
Learn more
Mario Lemos
Former: Novartis, Accenture, Telefónica, and Ericsson
Learn more
Ivan Jakovljevic
Jakov Advisory, Hub71, former: Google
Learn more
Bunmi Durowoju
B’s Place Boutique Cowork Creche, former: Microsoft
Learn more
Puspanjali Sarma
ServiceNow, former Rackspace Technology, Capgemini
Learn more
Sofía Muñoz
AWS, former: Facebook, Brainly, Oracle
Learn more
Sachin Panicker
The Fulcrum Group, former: Silicus Technologies, Pegasystems, Deutsche Telekom
Learn more
Rodrigo de Alvarenga
HAG Partners & HAG Ventures
Learn more
Tristan Weng
Tencent, former: Alibaba, Huawei
Learn more
Liu Bai
NetEase, Zhejiang Science
Learn more
Giovanni (Gio) Everduin
CBI, Decentraland DAO, former: Tanfeeth, Accenture UK
Learn more
Waël Nasr
Aubay, Mavenful, former: Veepee
Learn more
Manuel Machado
Nexxyo Labs, Alastria, former: Worldline, Accenture, Nitro League, Elixir Games
Learn more
Roberto Romero
Accenture Song, former: Meta (Facebook), Sony, and HTC
Learn more
Gabriele Romagnoli
VR/AR Association (VRARA), ShapesXR, former: Johnson & Johnson
Learn more
Nate Essin
Aquent Studios, former: Accenture
Learn more
Eldar Sadikov
PayPal, Stanford
Learn more
Danielle Tichner
500 Startups, R3i Ventures, W-SOURCE
Learn more
Daniel Cronin
AustrianStartups, Vienna Mentoring Group, FoundersLane
Learn more
Ahmed Zaidi
University of Cambridge, Deeptech Labs, PlatformE, former: Catalyst AI, Accenture
Learn more
Danny Wang, former: Catheon Gaming,, Virtually Live
Learn more
Frédéric Ramet
NFT Factory, former: BMW Motorrad, Dior, Axa, Generali, Renault
Learn more
Shameer Thaha
Accubits Technologies, Helion Ventures, Global Skill Development Council
Learn more
Toni Garballo
Schneider Electric, PirorityGate, Belobaba
Learn more
David Soriano
Learn more
Mo Hussain
LandVault, former: GroupM, VIOOH
Learn more
Carlos Estigarribia
Kokku, Abragames, former: Electronic Arts
Learn more
Danilo Castro
Strawberry Fields Interactive
Learn more
Tamer Garip
XR Metaverse Labs, Innovation Centre Near East University
Learn more
Whitney James
Meta, Omniverse Agency, CryptoSessions
Jerry Medeiros
Unity, former: Circuit Stream
Learn more
Nicole Liphardt
Exclusible, HEC Paris, former: The Luxury Institute
Learn more
Jason Hung
Catheon Gaming, ICA, LDA Capital
Learn more
Alberto Levy
IE Business School, Founder Institute
Learn more
Andrés Ochoa
Facebook (WhatsApp), Plug and Play Ventures, TERRA Food&Ag Tech Accelerator
Learn more
Christian Miccio
Former: Shazam, Google
Learn more
Inigo Cavestany de Villegas
IBM, IE Business School, Call for Code, Founder Institute, South Summit, Demium, Ufounders
Learn more
Irina Leca
Google, former: Fitbit
Learn more
Heiko Huber
Former: McKinsey & Company, TechFounders, Next47, Daimler AG
Learn more
Love Yadav
Lion Ventures, former: Reliance Capital
Learn more
Maria Pienaar
Blue Label Ventures, former: Cell C, Lucent, Nokia, Vodafone, Globalstar
Learn more
Marvin Liao, Adacado inc, Sukna Global, Game Groove Capital, former: 500 Startups, Yahoo, XtGem
Learn more
Ann Pashutina
INTEMA, former Software AG
Learn more
Matteo Lentini
Plug and Play Tech Center, former: Delivery Club
Learn more
Oliver Smith
UK Department of Health and Prime Minister's Strategy Unit, RSA, Koa Health, former: Telefonica Alpha
Learn more
Philipp Omenitsch
Pocketcoach, former: Visionlabs, Coinnecting
Learn more
Philipp von Pein
Attonics Systems, German Accelerator, New Zealand Trade Organisation
Learn more
Rafael Salazar Novo
G8 Ventures, IE Business School, Founder Institute
Learn more
Stefan Behrendt
DSP-Partners, Startupbootcamp, former: Deutsche Telekom, Scout24, abaXX Technology, Roland Berger
Learn more
Sven Clemann
Beiersdorf AG, former: Vattenfall, Royal Dutch Shell, Philips NV
Learn more
Thomas Schreiber
Hatch Enterprise, Techstars, former: Google, Shazam
Vikas Chauhan
Anritsu, former: TCS
Learn more
Wilhelm Lappe
Startup Weekend


INTEMA, an international business group focused on AI and DeepTech technology development.

20+ years — this INTEMA team’s collective experience in innovation consulting and DeepTech products launch and scale globally in such companies as Accenture, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Deloitte, Barclay’s, MTS, etc, successful entrepreneurial background (built from scratch Deep Tech products with $500M revenue & exits). INTEMA embraces consulting in DeepTech and AI Innovation for corporations, as well as an accelerator and venture capital fund capable of investing up to $10 million.

Public Joint Stock Company Mobile TeleSystems (MTS PJSC) is a leading telecom provider in Eastern Europe and the CIS whose services include mobile and landline communications, data transmission and Internet access, cable and satellite television broadcasting; provider of digital services, including fintech and media services with ecosystems and mobile applications; and provider of IT technologies in the field of communications, Internet of Things, monitoring, data processing and cloud computing

MTS has over 80 million clients in Eastern Europe, more than 10 million households connected to fee-based television services, more than 8 million ecosystem subscribers, around 3 million clients of MTS Bank, and more than 5 thousand retail outlets.

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