INTEMA Launches Platform to Streamline Startup-VC-Corporate Interactions

INTEMA has launched a new platform designed to facilitate rapid and transparent interactions between startups, venture capitalists (VCs), and corporations.

The INTEMA platform aims to address major investment-related pain points for all stakeholders. Key features include matching VCs and corporations with relevant startups, conducting proprietary company scoring for startups, offering comprehensive technical due diligence, providing global business expertise, and enabling the launch of pilots.

«We are excited to introduce the Intema platform, which gives startups, VCs, and corporations tools to simplify the search and interaction process, reducing time and resources spent on investing», said Alex Posternak, CIO and Co-Founder of INTEMA.

For startups seeking funding, the platform enables efficient connection with multiple VCs simultaneously. For VCs and corporations, it streamlines the scouting of startups.

«The platform helps each registered company connect with relevant, verified partners for potentially fruitful cooperation. VCs and corporations can also conduct audits of startups they’re interested in right on the platform,» Posternak explained.

Startups are evaluated through a specialized 23-parameter scoring model across team, change management, technology, and business. Platform users undergo screening stages, with startups providing founders’ information and companies signing agreements before investor matching.

Founders can also take advantage of due diligence sessions with experts from AWS, Meta, Tencent Cloud, and other major corporations. These sessions give VCs valuable tech insights on startups’ capabilities, potential, and viability.

Interested corporates, investors, and startups can register for the platform here.

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