INTEMA Starts an Accelerator for Metaverse-technologies

We are proud to announce that our 3-month Metaverse journey is now underway. Our startups teams will have the incredible opportunity to work with personal mentors, attend group workshops, receive consultations with technical specialists, and even meet with potential clients.

Without exaggerating, no one has ever made such a complex acceleration program for Metaverse projects, especially when the world is enchanted by generative AI. We’ve brought on board some of the brightest minds in the world of metaverse products, including experts from Decentraland, NetEase, Tencent, and Tesla, to name a few. Over the next 3 months, these amazing mentors will lend their expertise to help prepare daring young Metaverse startups for their pilot programs with corporations.

The competition among applicants was fierce: more than 300 applicants from 37 countries and only 10 startups got into the accelerator. There were no technological or geographical requirements for the projects, only a good command of English and a Metaverse solution. Eventually it became advantage, and challenge. Our team of analysts did an incredible job and selected 11 amazing startups to proceed, including: 

— Next-generation maps with a computer vision and machine learning core to take advantage of the AR experience and navigate in distant regions where GPS is unavailable.

— A Wix for Metaworlds: everyone can become a creator of their own metaworld with a set of plugins, space design tools and gamification instruments.

— A voice-powered management solution for games and extended reality exhibition stands to better engage with the audience.

— A creator of hyperreal virtual 3D models in the Metaverse with several snapshots and many others!

Congratulations to all the amazing startups, mentors, and team members of INTEMA who worked tirelessly to make this happen. The program will finish with a massive Demo Day, where founders will present their advanced solutions to clients and investors and learn who becomes a winner with a chance to launch a paid pilot with several corporations.

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