INTEMA Delegation Gains Valuable Insights at Emerge 2023 Conference

A delegation from INTEMA recently returned from attending the Emerge 2023 conference held October 2-3 in Istanbul. The team spent two productive days connecting with leaders in the tech industry and exploring the latest innovations.

«It was such an exciting event, packed with brilliant minds from all over the world,» said Joseph Tesfaye, Accelerator Manager at INTEMA. «We made valuable new connections and came away inspired about the future of AI.»

INTEMA’s delegation was led by co-founder and CIO Alex Posternak, who gave a talk at the popular Investor Breakfast on the hot topic of investing in AI. He brought his 15+ years of investment experience to the discussion, providing unique insight.

The Intema team also prioritized networking with founders and potential partners throughout the event’s coffee breaks and evening gatherings. Tesfaye remarked on the «serendipitous collisions» that allow meaningful conversations to unfold at conferences like Emerge.

In addition to connecting with peers, the team enjoyed thought-provoking presentations from leaders like Julien Simon of Hugging Face and Fonz Morris of Netflix. They were particularly excited to engage with the many AI startups in attendance.

«After two days of inspiration and insight, we’re heading home enthusiastic about new partners and possibilities,» said Tesfaye. «Thank you, Emerge, for an amazing experience!»

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