How to Choose an Accelerator? Answering the Main Questions

When it becomes clear that the project is ready for acceleration, it’s time to make a decisive move and choose the accelerator that can help build a successful and profitable business. How to do it? We’ll figure it out in this article.

How to choose the Accelerator that can lead to success?

At some point, aspiring business people on the path of entrepreneurship face an important and terrifying question: what’s next? The idea has completed all of the preparatory stages and become an MVP; the team has been gathered, and the initial market assessment has shown that the product is ready for acceleration.

It’s high time to decide which accelerator to trust. What to pay attention to and how to make the right choice? First things first.

What kinds of accelerators are there?

Nowadays, the following kinds of accelerators help companies develop at an increased pace with a positive outcome:

An accelerator for ecosystem development helps startups get their innovative ecosystem started by covering hundreds of similar startup companies (e.g. Generation S).

An accelerator at a venture fund ensures that the startup gets expert support and funds for further development based on the industry that the fund invests in (e.g. 500 Startups).

An accelerator as a university project enables the development of entrepreneurship among students (e.g. the HSE Business Incubator).

An accelerator at a corporation is a soaring kind of accelerator resulting from the specialized programs launched by corporate giants. Their goal is to identify new technological solutions that can help improve the company’s operations or find new areas for development (e.g. SteelTech Accelerator).

How to make the right choice?

To start with, evaluate the development level of your project. At the early stages, it’s the accelerators of universities or those for ecosystem development that are the most appropriate. Startups with the most mature product can easily consider participation in accelerators at venture funds or choose a corporate accelerator.

The checklist we’ve already written about can help determine whether the project is ready for acceleration.

Which startups is INTEMA for?

INTEMA has created a special space for startups working in the field of artificial intelligence – a team of prominent experts with global experience takes the specificities of each project into account and offers personal recommendations on the successful development of the business.

The INTEMA accelerator provides startups with the resources needed for rapid and efficient growth, including a computing landscape, experience-sharing with outstanding representatives of successful businesses and opportunities for investment support.

For more than 12 weeks, aspiring businesspeople dig into a detailed examination of such areas as market research, strategy development, product development, the hammering out of technological solutions and many other activities within the scope of the program.

A truly professional team of trackers, experts and mentors help them. Trackers follow the startup teams throughout the course of training, providing feedback and assisting in the process of education and development. Experts inspire by giving lectures and sharing their experience and the experience of other companies.

Mentors form the strong foundation of the INTEMA Accelerator. Leading world-renowned experts specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning who are currently managing their businesses successfully are open to new technologies and develop projects from idea to profitable sales. They don’t just instruct the startups, but also get actively involved in the process of establishing the new companies, helping them find the path to success and teaching them how to avoid losing their way in the future.

What to do with it all?

Determine your project’s level of preparedness, reflect on which kind of accelerator would suit you best and take the next step.

If, based on the results of your analysis, you realize that the capabilities of the INTEMA Accelerator are what you need – feel free to apply. Give your project a boost with our help!

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