INTEMA Kicks Off GEN AI Acceleration Program

INTEMA launched an ambitious three-month acceleration program for 10 promising GEN AI startups. The goal is to test incredible Generative AI capabilities into corporations.

GEN AI is the undisputed technology of the year, turning imagination into reality. From digital concert duets to unraveling disease mysteries and AI-generated art, GEN AI’s potential is astonishing.

The INTEMA’s startup cohort is developing solutions like:

— An online conferencing service with neural simultaneous translation;

— An AI assistant that helps manage a corporate knowledge base;

— An LLM for generating textual content, summarizing and clustering data within a company (and without access to the internet);

— A platform for generating documentation for developers and interactive architecture using code;

— A solution for translating videos into other languages ​​with the ability to clone voices

Over 12 weeks, participants will refine products, meet prospective corporate clients, and seek up for in investments. INTEMA has enlisted top experts from Microsoft, Apple, PwC, AWS, and more to provide workshops, group sessions, and 1-on-1 mentoring.

Congratulations to these startups as they embark on this exciting technological journey! The INTEMA team wishes them the best of luck.

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