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Become part of a dynamic international community and enhance the success of your startup, VC funds, or corporation by accessing the right network, infrastructure, and tools.

For Startups
  • Connect with multiple corporations and VCs
  • Evaluate your project across 23 parameters using an AI model to gain insights into your prospects in the DeepTech market
  • Apply for launching pilots and funding
  • Navigate through diligence sessions conducted by top-notch experts from leading BigTech companies like AWS, Meta, Tencent Cloud, HP
For Startups
For VCs and Corporate Representatives
  • Save your money and time and get access to a comprehensive database of startups matching specific criteria
  • Apply for due diligence of your portfolio company, and get tech insights on capabilities, potential market impact, and long-term viability of potential investments
  • Submit applications for pilots in specific directions
  • Leverage Intema's expertise in finance, law, and economics to navigate the complexities of international deals.
For VCs and Corporate Representatives

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  • More than 200 experts in ML, NLP, CV, Metaverse, Gen AI from Intema and other BigTech companies
  • Over 10,000 carefully selected startups from around the world in our pipeline, all of which are ideal candidates for venture capital funding and proof of concept collaborations with corporate partners
  • Global partner network of VCs, innovation hubs, corporations, startups
  • Domain expertise in telecom, logistics, MedTech, media, entertainment, AgroTech, etc.
We welcome DeepTech and AI startups, as well as investors and corporate representatives who are seeking partnerships to grow their businesses in the AI and DeepTech sectors.

Who are we waiting for?

Startups Founders and co-founders
Investment funds and venture capitalists
Developers and technical specialists
Mutual Funds
Angel Investors
Corporate investors and incubators
Managers: CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO
Managers of investment funds and corporations

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